Pete Rosser Music

Composing and Arranging



Past commissions include works for choirs, theatre, brass bands, schools, special events.



For solo piano/accordion or for larger ensembles

Some Examples:

Piano Solo - Flowers For The Children - a book of intermediate jazz piano tunes -


Children's Songs -

- sheet music available

Some current composing/arranging projects:

- Middle And Off - a jazz piano duet commissioned for OUP's forthcoming Grooves For Two (ed. Nikki Iles)

- Arranging a book of Eastern European Folk Tunes for Piano for

Schott Music

- Compiler/editor of Argentinian Tango and Folk Tunes for Accordion (with Ros Stephen), published by Schott Music -,308391,b.html#

- Transcriptions of pop songs (PVG) for Faber Music (ongoing)

More of Pete's work can be found at

07813 967 364